LSB SYNERGY SDN. BHD. was established in year 1997 in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia which formerly known as LSB AUTOMATION SYSTEM. The main activity is to provide services in mechanical & electrical control system for Industrial Automation which supporting General Manufacturers & OEM machine makers in Malaysia for local and export market.

Our primary objective is to provide the best service in the way of well co-operation to our partners or customers
to meet the professional requirements. We regard our customers as Partners-in-Progress, giving them the best selection of services to fulfill their needs in cost & time effectively.

From the beginning of the mechanical & electrical control system design stage, to the machine fabrication, further on to the site installation & programming testing, finally come to the test & commissioning, we always keep listen & negotiable to customer's idea & suggestion in order to have a smooth working progress.

As we know, sensitive to customers' needs and responding to customers' requirements, the challenge to gain a better result will always be met and realized to benefit LSB's customers not only today but also tomorrow!

LSB 工业自动化系统 成立于1997年于马来西亚 雪兰莪州 双溪毛糯, 主要是提供机械及电机控制系统服务于工业自动化领域, 以配合大多数的生产商及OEM机械制造商, 以供本地及出口市场之需。

我们最主要的目的是提供良好的合作方式为最好的服务于我们的伙伴或顾客以达到专业性的要求.我们重视顾客为我们成长中的伙伴, 给予他们最好的服务以便达到他们价格与时间上的需求.

从开始时的机械及电控系统设计阶段, 进而到机器装配, 再到工地安装及程序测试, 到最后的完整测试及移交, 我们都会对顾客的意见及提议仔细聆听及商讨解决, 以便让工程进行顺畅.

因为我们知道, 对顾客的需求灵敏及对顾客的要求有所反应, 一定会带来良好的效果及将受惠于LSB 的客户, 不单止是现在, 但也包括未来!

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